Coronavirus (COVID-19).

During the current emergency we will offer limited support, which will be aligned to NHS guidelines, we are doing so because we realize that that your computer equipment may in some cases be an important part of isolation or quarenteen, and of course any health workers requiring the same.

In order to do so we must insist upon the following precautions -

We will collect from you only by arrangement and equipment must be passed to us without close contact. We suggest leaving the equipment near to your door and stepping back inside while we collect. We will then return to base with your equipment and quarenteen the equipment overnight before starting work. In addition we will use a sterile wipe on the equipment before beginning work.

A similar arrangement will be in place when you drop-off equipment for repair.

In all cases please initiate by SMS, Email or Phone, details are available at the bottom of this webpage.

NHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Website

About Hereford Computers.

Hereford Computers have many years experience within the computer industry gained on both international and local projects.

We serve both domestic and business clients in and around Herefordshire.

We have a 'no-fix, no-fee' policy.

Hereford Computers also provide 'Web Hosting' and 'Website Design'.

For more information about our services please browse below or contact us using the information provided at the base of this page.

Computer Services.

Complete system design, procurement and installation, which includes servers, networks and individual computers

Detection and correction of problems on computer systems

Nothing is too small, and most local business systems are within our scope (EG. Up to about 30 employees)

PC Repairs.

Fixing PCs, we can fix ANY PC problems -

Remove viruses and other malware

Clean up, refresh, start again

Broken HD, Broken Fan, Motherboard Replacement

Connectivity issues

Laptop Repairs.

We're often asked if we can fix laptops; Well yes we can, even motherboards can be repaired -

Some companies will quote in excess of £200.00 for a motherboard repair - We can usually make an equally good or even better motherboard repair for £100.00 (+vat)

Our no-fix - no-fee policy also apply's to laptop repairs, which are also covered by warranty

New PC or Laptop.

If you're a little concerned about what to buy we will look at what you need, send a proposal and even purchase on your behalf.

If you want something special (E.G. gaming, flight simulation, CAD) we can build it for you according to your requirements.

Web Hosting and Website Development.

Hereford Computers create websites for individuals, and small or medium sized businesses. We also provide web hosting, which can be part of a website package.

Or if you just wish to host a website developed by yourself you can do that, we provide the access you need to your account on our server.

Our very powerful web server will deliver a very good response time (better than most)

We provide the usual HTML facilities with a control panel (cpanel), and when necessary JavaScript, php, sql, xsl etc. All software is kept at current release levels.

Data is stored on redundant solid state drives and backed up overnight; We can also provide offsite backups if required

We guarantee an SL (Service Level) of at least 99.99%.

Hereford Computers also provide concessionary rates for students based in Herefordshire studying 'web design or web technology' subject to approval, IE. any such web site must be part of one's study, and may not be used for e-commerce.

Website Payments ?

We have developed a secure payment gateway to accept all major credit and debit cards, including complete order tracking, invoice delivery, order notification and refund capability, which we can integrate into most websites -

PCI compliant and SSL protected (IE. fully secure)

Managed Email Only Domains.

An email domain allows you to have your own email addresses and chosen domain name -

EG. If you choose a domain name of, then you would be free to use all email addresses in that domain -,, etc.

OR you may like a family name domain such as, then ALL members of your falily could have there own email addresses,,, etc ..

Whatever you choose your email domain is completely independent of your ISP, if you change your ISP you keep your email address

A very high level of SPAM protection, which is constantly updated with new spam signatures means your domain cannot be used by SPAMMERS to send emails, and that most incoming SPAM will be removed before it reaches your PC. The reason that SPAM is difficult to stop is that it's sometimes impossible to identify, our mail server uses several methods to detect spam including 'SPAM Signatures' from various locations on the web; 'Spam Signatures' identify messages that are known to be spam, we can then safely block them instead of delivering to your mailbox.
Of course if you prefer to keep your spam - we can arrange that too!

Costs ?

We're always happy to give an estimate, we know that occasionally the cost of a solution can be more than the cost of replacement, in that case we will let you know rather that presenting an unreasonable bill.

If you think we can be of assistance please contact Hereford Computers using the info. below.